I was born in 1963, in Celje, Slovenia.



Selection of awards, projects, exibitions:


- FROM COMMUNITY TO PARADISE , CSU Collection - New Acquisitions, 2011 – 2016, Gallery of Contemporary Art, Celje Slovenia, march 2016


- DONESKI K SLOVANSKI MITOLOGIJI - Contributions to Slavic Mythology, Celje FOKUS 2015, live projection in Youth center Celje Garden, july 2015


- VISIBLE INVISIBLE, Affect and mood through photography, Gallery of Contemporary Art, Celje Slovenia, october 2014


- PARLARI linguaggio da circo, DoubleRoom, Triest, october 2014


- Art words 98 (II/2013) Petja Grafenauer, Moja pesem ni le moja pesem, to je boj vseh nas!


- EMZIN- Slovenian magazine for creative culture; Photo of the Year 2012, short-listed with the series "Perception of Space"


- short documentary 'Marcos López frente a la pizzara', made in Latvia 2011


- 'Kajuhova' - an exhibiton at 11 Kajuhova street (Celje), in the same
building, where the photos of its residents were taken, curated by Matija Plevnik


- 'Kontinuiteta / Continuity' - exhibition - Galerija sodobne umetnosti
[Gallery of Contemporary Art] and Likovni salon (Art gallery) Celje; Group exhibition: Adel Abidin, Tomaz Crnej, Adela Jusic, Maja Hodoscek, Mladen Miljanovic, Simon Norfolk, David Tartakover, Susan Silas, Milica Tomic, Stefanos Tsivopoulos, Bojan Salaj, Artur Zmijewski, Dalibor Bori Zupancic; the installation 'Mistake' by the Celje photographer Tomaz Crnej, featuring a series of photographs of Auschwitz and of a mass grave in Lasko pri Celju, where, after the World War II, hundreds of prisoners of war and civilians were killed, speaks about spaces marked by history, genocide and collective memory."


- The Art of Photography Show 2011, juried by Anne Lyden, short-listed with a photo from the series 'In the Gallery'


- ISSP workshop Latvia, Marcos Lopez


- Invisible World's Awardees, Juried by Chris Steele-Perkins, honourable mention for the series 'Mistake';


- Slovenia press photo 2011 - honourable mention for the series
'It's All in your Mind'


- EMZIN- Slovenian magazine for creative culture, Photo of the Year 2011, short-listed with two series: 'It's All in your Mind' and 'Kajuhova Street'


- manifesti d'artista 2010 -,334,0,0,1,0 2011


- Spotlight prize B&W magazine 2010


- photographic illustrations for the new book by Wolfgang Pollanz - Von Reisen-Gedichtband - Art in Kuerbis: one year long - exhibiton of my different projects in "Theater im Kuerbis"


- exhibition in Celje, the Kronkowska gallery - Mistake 2010


- Slovenia press photo 2010 - 1st prize for a story reportage - people series Mistake 2010 -


- The awarded images were exhibited in May as a satelite exhibiton of the New York Photo Festival 2010;

- EMZIN- slovenian magazine for creative culture, Photo of the Year 2010: short-listed with two series: 'Mistake' and 'Invisible Essentials'


- Spotlight prize B&W magazine 2010


- 4 commendments on Sony World Photography Awards 2009


- B&W magazine Merit Award for portfolio 2009


- 2009 - Magnum workshop in Barcelona


- 4 single image Merit awards B&W magazine 2009


- 5th B&W Spider Awards - 3rd Place, HM and 5 nominations


- two awards - National Geographic Slovenia 2008


- Cooperation as a project photographer with Wolfgang Temmel 2010